Why Date Steve?

"Oh, goodness. There are countless reasons to date Steve. First of all, he's hilarious. He's one of the absolute funniest people I know. And I know girls are always looking for a good sense of humor in a guy."

"Second, Steve is cute. He just got a stylish haircut that makes him look rather hot, and he even looks quite debonair with his glasses on."

"While Steve has no fashion sense whatsoever, amazingly enough, he does own some nice clothes, including awesome sweaters. And I know sweaters. He dresses pretty dang well, I'd say."

"Altogether, Steve is the perfect date. He's cute, funny, very sweet, and quite the gentleman. And if he likes you well enough, he'll do anything and everything possible to keep you happy and his. Hey, I'd date him if I weren't already taken. Hehehe. He's quite the catch. "

                     - Erica Welsh (Hollister, California)

"When I really think about it, I'd rather date Steve then: watch sports on T.V, listen to Bill Clinton, entertain Mr. Bean, go to traffic school, do my math homework, research gutters and drains for civil engineering, do my laundry, analyze belly button lint, visit Death Valley, fold 1000 flyers, go to the dentist, shop for my dad, wash my car, climb Mt. Everest, open a tax firm, sell my organs, or even fold my brother's socks. Steve has the ability to make life more interesting. If you're becoming bored with those everyday tasks, I bet you would rather date Steve too! In conclusion, Steve is kind of like your favorite dessert: you can't take just one bite."
                     - Cheris Lynn Morrison (Dana Point, California)

"Steve is the kind of guy that grows on you. He is well house trained and is good at following orders, especially if you pat him on the head when he has done good or you give him little rewards. He is well adjusted, plays well with others and has a face that more then just his mother will love."
                     - Ann Simiskey (Orem, Utah)

"Steven, You're so cute..."
                     - Arleen (South Jordan, Utah)

"If only I were gay....."
                     - Kerby Smith (Houston, Texas)